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Chapin 21127XP 3-Gallon Industrial Acetone Dye Sprayer


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The Chapin 21127XP Acetone Sprayer line is specifically designed and equipped for the Decorative Concrete Professional for use in staining with acetone-based dyes and other acetone only applications. The 3-gallon translucent poly tank has a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning and an in-tank anti-clog filter. Featuring a dripless shut-off with a lock-off feature to prevent accidental discharge, pump and hose all made with acetone resistant seals and gaskets that will stand up to high concentrations of acetone. The Chapin 21127XP sports an adjustable tip cone nozzle.

  • 3-Gallon translucent tank with wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Dripless trigger grip shut-off and brass wand with lock-off feature to avoid accidental discharge
  • Compatible with acetone and acetone dyes
  • Acetone resistant seals and gaskets for use with high concentrations of acetone

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About Chapin Sprayers – For concrete staining, sealing, cleaning, and treatment, Chapin manufactures industrial and concrete sprayers with input from chemical and construction professionals. Tri-Poxy® steel tanks have triple-layer protection from rust, corrosion, and dents. Polyethylene tanks are also resistant to industrial chemicals. Wide mouth openings lessen splashing when filling and makes the tanks easier to clean after each use. Engineered seals and Gaskets with proven elastomers ensure a high level of chemical compatibility and the unique Tri-Lock mechanism keeps the pump cap tightly locked.

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