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CSI Solvent Seal 27 is a high quality, 100% acrylic, solvent-base, breathable sealer for sealing concrete and masonry surfaces. CSI Solvent Seal 27 will protect surfaces from water, dust, stains and dirt. Solvent Seal 27 produces a high gloss finish when dry.

*CSI Solvent Seal 27 is a “High VOC” sealer and must be shipped on a pallet via freight. Buying this product in bulk will help you save on shipping as there is a minimum shipping fee for handling this product. If cost for freight is a concern we recommend using one of our water-based sealers

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Product Benefits

CSI Solvent Seal 27 is best applied by spray or roll-down method.

When applied according to directions, CSI Solvent Seal 27 provide a breathable, non-yellowing protective finish and enhance exterior concrete, brick and masonry surfaces.

CSI Solvent Seal 27 provides a high gloss finishes. CSI recommends a minimum of two coats for best results. Always test in an inconspicuous area for desired gloss and compatibility.

Solvent Seal 27 is an excellent choice for sealing and enhancing the following surfaces:

  • Colored, imprinted concrete
  • Concrete that has been treated with water-based stain, acid stain, or dye that has been left unsealed or stripped
  • Color hardened concrete that has been left unsealed or stripped
  • Concrete without color that is both without sealer or stripper
  • Exterior concrete surfaces that will weather naturally
  • Exposed aggregate

This sealer protects surfaces against dusting, staining and dirt with non-yellowing finishes. The sealer enriches the tone of concrete colored with CSI Integral Color, CSI Color Hardener and CSI Stampable Overlay, as well as accentuate the surface character of concrete treated with CSI ChromaStain or CSI Concrete Dye.

Coverage Rates

Coverage rates may vary depending on the texture, porosity, condition of the concrete, the application method, and other local conditions also. Two light coats of Solvent Seal 27 at the recommended coverage rates are usually sufficient to seal and protect. However, if you to increase gloss look, durability, and also add extra protection, apply additional coats after initial coats are dry.

  • Smooth Finish – Material usage is 300 square feet per gallon/coat.
  • Rough or Broom Finish – Material usage is 250 square feet per gallon/coat


Drying Times

Drying times will vary depending on surface porosity, temperature, humidity and other local conditions.

Note: When the air temperature reaches 85 °F or higher and the surface ready for sealer is in the direct sunlight, the temperature can be 10-20 degrees higher thus causing the sealer to flash off which in turn may cause blistering or bubbling of sealer. If this occurs wait for the temperature to drop and then apply a light thin coat of xylene to re-dissolve the sealer.

CSI Solvent Seal 27 High Gloss
  • Set to Touch – One to two hours after each application.
  • Recoat – Two to four hours after each application.
  • Light Traffic –  24 hours after final coat.
  • Vehicle Traffic – One to two days after final coat, depending on temperature.


Larger quantities are also available. Please call us at 817-534-1112 for options.

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