Kemiko Easy Strip Wax Remover


EASY STRIP™ Wax Stripper is a water base, water viscosity, single component wax stripper. This interior wax stripper is high performance, low odor and free of hazardous solvents. Easy Strip is formulated to easily remove Easy Shine wax build up over stained, sealed or top coated Kemiko floor systems. Its concentrated formula dilutes with water.

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KEMIKO® EASY STRIP is applied to concrete substrates which have been top coated with KEMIKO® EASY SHINE WAX. It is specifically designed to remove wax build up, visible oil, grease and stain residue.

Benefits Include:
• Low Odor
• Easy to Use
• Versatility

Commonly Found In:
• Domestic and Commercial Kitchens
• Grocery Stores
• Restaurants
• Showroom Floors
• Walkways
• Interior and Exterior Surfaces Requiring Removal of Wax Build Up


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