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Trinic H-13 Concrete Sealer – Matte


Trinic Tec10 Admix is a multi- component powdered admixture for production of ultra-high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC Concrete. Tec10 takes the hassle out of making ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, reactive powder concrete, or engineered cementitious composite concrete. Dosage is easy to understand, simplifying what has been an overly complicated process in the past.



Product Description

Trinic H-13 Concrete Sealer is enhanced for easy application, fast turnaround and represents a new generation of food safe protection for Concrete Countertops, and other high performance concrete. H-13 is a two component hybrid water based fast applying sealer with excellent stain, acid, and scratch resistance. H-13 is easy to repair if damaged and deeply penetrates concrete surfaces, forming a chemical bond to the concrete surface.

Product Information

  • Fast drying usually tack free in 15 minutes/ Total application time under 2 hours.
  • Low sheen natural look with mild color enhancement of surface
  • Excellent blush resistance in three days
  • UV Stable, will not turn yellow.
  • Excellent scratch, acid, and stain resistance in seven days
  • Continues to build hardness out to 14 days.
  • Re-coated by lightly sanding with 400-800 grit sandpaper and apply an additional coat
  • Spot repair possible
  • Can be used to repair other sealers.


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